Who we are

IMT offers our clients a unique, individually designed and professionally guided opportunity to experience the excitement and adventure of trekking and climbing in the most spectacular mountains in the world: the Himalaya of Nepal. Our goal is to provide our clients with an individual or small group trekking and climbing experience matched to your experience and schedule. On an IMT trip, as part of your trek and climb, you will have the opportunity to visit a Sherpa community, enjoy a meal with a Sherpa family, visit historic Buddhist monasteries and go behind the scenes in a way not offered by other trekking companies.

All of our high-altitude Sherpa guides have vast experience throughout the Himalaya. All of IMT’s guides have climbed Mt. Everest multiple times as well as many other notable mountains in Nepal. The rich depth and unparalleled experience IMT guides provide will enable you and your group to enjoy an adventure that is, in a word, extraordinary. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rick Silber, Executive Director
International Mountain Trekking, Inc.

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Mission Statement

To create unique treks and climbs in the Himalaya for our clients, in equal economic partnership with our Sherpa guides.

We do this for several reasons: By profit-sharing with our guides, we create significant, long-overdue economic opportunities for the Sherpa community. While traditional adventure companies also rely on Sherpas for logistics, expert guiding and support, they unfairly keep for themselves the lion’s share of profits. IMT has a different approach:

We share equally with our Sherpa guides the profits from every trek and climb.

We believe this commitment to the Sherpa community sets us apart from every other guiding company operating in Nepal.

We hope you’ll let IMT create the Himalayan trek you’ve always dreamed about.

Meet Your Guides

  • Sonam Jangbu Sherpa
    Sonam Jangbu Sherpa
    Director, International Mountain Trekking, Inc.
  • Phinjo Sherpa
    Phinjo Sherpa
    Senior High Altitude Mountain Guide
  • Lhakpa Nuri Sherpa
    Lhakpa Nuri Sherpa
    Senior High Altitude Mountain Guide
  • Phu Chiri Sherpa
    Phu Chiri Sherpa
    Senior High Altitude Mountain Guide
  • Pasang Tenjing Sherpa
    Pasang Tenjing Sherpa
    Senior High Altitude Mountain Guide


I am 27 years old and from Canada. I used International Mountain Trekking in November of 2019 for my trek through the Manaslu Region. I had an absolutely amazing experience with this company and would recommend it to anyone. It was truly a life changing experience to spend 19 days with such a knowledgeable, professional and genuinely caring guide with international Mountain Trekking.

Judy Bloom

IMT is the absolute best trekking company I’ve ever used. Originally, I was not even a customer of IMT. I was trekking with a friend to Gokyo Ri and EBC. My friend began to suffer symptoms of Altitude Sickness. We were incredibly fortunate to run into the owners of IMT. They were in the middle of a trek to explore the terrain for the upcoming trekking season. They sacrificed their entire trek to help my friend. Because of them, he was taken down to safety and I was able to complete my dream trek. I have never met such knowledgeable, kind, safe, and unselfish guides in all of my exploration. Anybody I talk to about the Himalayas, I recommend IMT. Please only trek with them and no else. You will thank me. Thank you, IMT!

Cody Bryant